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Survivors of the Peace: summary page

"We survived the war, but now we have to survive the peace, and sometimes that seems just as hard. I feel like some sort of loose end, just left hanging, as if life has finished with me, but can't be bothered tidying up the ending."

For Remus, Harry and Andromeda, it has been a struggle to pick up the pieces of their lives and move on. A year after the war ended, they are getting by as best they can. When they realise just how bad things have got for Snape, they all agree to help him. But whether he wants their help is another matter entirely.

Pairings: Snape/ Lupin, Lupin/ Tonks (past), Harry/ Ginny, mention of quite a few past pairings for Snape and Lupin
Era: after the second war, with a few flashbacks
Genre: drama/ angst, hurt/ comfort (but a happy ending)
Ratings: chapters range from about PG to NC-17 (individual chapters labelled)
Warnings: offensive language, mental illness, substance abuse, physical disability, reference to past child abuse/ neglect and aftermath, reference to past rape/ sexual abuse and aftermath (highlight to view warnings, individual chapters also labelled for the particularly dark bits)
Disclaimer: this is a work of fan fiction. All recognisable characters belong to JK Rowling, apart from a few small bits from other authors, mentioned on the chapter pages. I make no profit from this etc.

Chapter summaries and links

1. Bad day
Lupin has a bad day, and Harry has a frustrating conversation with Snape. PG.

2. Favour
Lupin asks Snape for a small favour. PG.

3. Potion
Snape delivers a potion and is horrified by what he finds. Angst, references to torture and rape. R

4. Grimmy
Lupin has a good day and Snape plays fetch with Grimmy and Teddy. PG

5. Owls
Lupin has a cunning plan and Snape befriends a dog. With bonus owls. PG

6. Kitty
Lupin and Harry realise just how troubled Snape is, and Andromeda reflects on how she was saved by her son-in-law. Angst, reference to child abuse and neglect. R

7. Missing
Snape is missing, and Lupin asks an old friend to help find him. PG

8. Hospital
Lupin prepares to rescue Snape from muggles, with the help of some famous West Indian cricketers. PG. Angst, mental illness, swearing.

9. Bath
Lupin pushes Snape too far and suffers the consequences. PG. Swearing.

10. Memory
Snape admits that he has a problem. PG. Substance abuse, angst.

11. Patience
Harry runs out of patience after less than 12 hours helping Snape. Angst, drug withdrawl (and for subsequent chapters). R

12. Sevvy
Snape gets trapped by his memories, and reveals far more than he intends. Reference to child abuse and neglect, and substance abuse. R

13. Returned
Snape is not happy to discover he spent most of the day as a six-year-old. Reference to substance abuse, child abuse and neglect, charater death. R

14. Healer
Snape refuses to go to St Mungo's, so Lupin calls a werewolf healer for help. Reference to substance abuse. PG.

15. Hagrid
Hagrid visits in preparation for the full moon. A bit of angst and swearing. PG

16. Full moon
Snape has a tantrum when Lupin tries to leave for the full moon. Hagrid comes off second best. Swearing, low-level violence, aftermath of child abuse. With extra werewolves. R?

17. Unhinged
Snape confuses Harry with James, and begs Lupin to keep a secret. Low level violence, generally angsty, very oblique reference to rape. R.

18. Crooked.
Lupin reflects on the reason that Snape hates him so much. Warning: this the darkest chapter, very angsty, rape and aftermath etc. Not particularly graphic but I've rated it NC-17. Also discussion of prejudice against homosexuality and oblique references to physical abuse.

19. Romania
Snape is hallucinating, and thinks that Lupin has just returned from a business trip to Romania. Reference to child abuse and continued drug withdrawl, illness. PG.

20. Visitor
Snape's favourite cousin visits, but Snape isn't happy to see him. Reference to child abuse, swearing, more unrelenting angst. R.

21. Hallucinations
Snape's hallucinations are becoming increasingly bizarre, and Harry gets angry. Mental illness, reference to traumatic events in canon, still more angst. R.

22. Withdrawn
Snape's withdrawl has past, but that doesn't mean he has recovered. Depression/ some sort of magical mental illness. PG.

23. Curry
Lupin attempts to find some of Snape’s happy memories, with the help of chana masala. Angst, but more sweet than heavy, pre-slash (sort of). PG.

24. Forgiveness
Snape and Lupin can forgive eachother for the events of the past, but find it harder to forgive themselves. Angsty, discussion of canon events but no specific warnings. PG.

25. Postlune
Snape visits a former student in his potions lab and gets his snark back. Mild angst, discussion of elf abuse, dictionary abuse, magical invasive species, attempted humour. PG.

26. Tuica
Lupin decides to remind Snape of the first time he met Harry with the help of Romanian plum brandy. Angst again. PG.

27. Mephistopheles
Hagrid gives Snape a kitten. Bit of angst. PG.

28. Christmas
Andromeda realises that Snape has fallen in love. Sort of pre-slash. PG.

29. Home
Snape decides that he is recovered and remembers that he doesn’t like Lupin very much. Angst, reference to Snape's past crimes. PG.

30. Unrequited
Snape admits that he is in love with Lupin and doesn’t expect to be loved back. Angst, discussion of Lupin/ Tonks. PG

31. Penance
Snape is forced to confront his past. Mental illness, reference to Snape's past crimes. PG.

32. Outmanoevred
Snape is refusing to bathe and Lupin gives him the job of teaching Draco Malfoy’s cousin. Slight angst. PG.

33. Teacher
Snape educates werewolves and squibs. Oblique reference to rape and mental illness/ PTSD. PG.

34. Transformation
The full moon is hard on Lupin, and Snape is a little less unfriendly. Angsty, illness. PG.

35. Confined
In the aftermath of the full moon, Lupin talks to Snape. Angst, reference to child abuse and minor character death (slight AU as Lupin's father is killed during Lupin's childhood). PG.

36. Vampire’s venom
Snape remembers a younger, healthier Lupin and realises what he needs to do. PG.

37. Friends
Lupin and Snape discuss the owl chicks and Snape is shocked by what Lupin did during the wars. Reference to dub-con and oblique reference to rape. R.

38. Experiments
Snape tests an experimental potion and makes everything worse. Illness, fairly traumatic magical medical treatment. PG.

39. Reciprocation
Lupin realises how he really feels and Snape doesn’t react well. PG.

40. Apology
Lupin tries to apologise for kissing Snape, but the problem is that he’s not sorry. PG. Angst.

41. Intimacy
Lupin tries to get closer to Snape and learns why Snape is reluctant. Discussion of anal and oral sex, dub-con. R.

42. Gift
Snape has completed his experimental potion and gives it to Lupin. PG.

43. Survival
Snape remembers how he survived Nagini’s bite and finally lets Lupin closer. Mutual masturbation, very oblique reference to rape. R.

44. Epilogue
Snape and Lupin play chess, and Snape is concerned about his godson. PG.

That's it! Yay! All chapters up now.

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